What Some Happy Parents Say

“I currently have my second child attending this preschool. Both of them have loved their time there. The staff is excellent, both in the way they care about the kids but also in their teaching ability. There is regular contact with the teachers with verbal reports and written reports.”

“I love the ability to be involved with my kids education right from day one, they will always know the value of education because I am right there with them.”

“My son is always jealous when his sister gets to go to Preschool and he has to stay at home. He’s so happy when they have a party and he gets to visit and join in with the big kids!”
“Within a couple of weeks of my son attending this school I noticed that he was starting to gain independence. Even his communication is becoming clearer.”
“My daughter tends towards academic type learning. So when at 3.5 years old she came to me and wanted to start reading, Miss Adrienne helped guide us through the process. Even going as far as to get new worksheets and information from her own children’s grade one teacher to make sure she was dealing with my child’s individual needs”


Science Centre

Our science centre follows our weekly themes and encourages self led exploration, just like in the Kindergarten classroom.

Snack Time

Children bring a snack from home just like in big school!

Guided Play Routine

Throughout the program different areas are opened and closed as we practice a guided play routine. This means that all children are exposed to a variety of activities every day.

Gross Motor Area

We have a gross motor area open year round with ride on toys, climbers, and other larger toys.

Circle Time

Circle time includes learning about the calendar, learning to read your name, counting, and the weather. We sing songs and read books all while working on our listening skills!

Circle Time

Everybody gets a turn during circle time, whether it is to talk about the weather or to pick a song.

Role Play Toys

We have many role play toys, from our popular baby centre to our even more popular playhouse! We have a large selection of play food and dress up clothing so children can learn through doing and imagining.

Large Selection of Books

We regularly rotate our large selection of books through to emphasize our weekly themes.

Blocks Area

Our blocks area also includes cars and trains as well as a tool bench. We have many different types of blocks for the children to play with as they develop both their fine motor skills but also their spatial awareness.