A Sense of Community

The Co-op experience is an ideal choice for parents who want to have direct involvement in their child’s first school experience. As a parent you are able to directly supervise and guide your child’s education on every level. Studies show time after time that direct family involvement in early education settings benefits children. Your child will always know that education is important in your family because you live it every day.

In a co-operative preschool all parents work together as a team to operate and maintain the school. The school is run entirely by the parents in partnership with the executive committee and the certified Early Childhood Educator (ECE). You are able to interact with a community of other parents who all share your commitment to high quality education.

The co-operative experience allows you, as a duty parent, to take part and share in your child’s experiences while volunteering in the classroom. By working side by side with our teaching staff you gain the opportunity to learn alongside your child while you create memories together. Parents help to maintain low costs and affordable quality care. Stoney Creek Co-operative Preschool also has spots available for non-duty families for an increased fee.

What Some Happy Parents Say

“I currently have my second child attending this preschool. Both of them have loved their time there. The staff is excellent, both in the way they care about the kids but also in their teaching ability. There is regular contact with the teachers with verbal reports and written reports.”

“I love the ability to be involved with my kids education right from day one, they will always know the value of education because I am right there with them.”

“My son is always jealous when his sister gets to go to Preschool and he has to stay at home. He’s so happy when they have a party and he gets to visit and join in with the big kids!”
“Within a couple of weeks of my son attending this school I noticed that he was starting to gain independence. Even his communication is becoming clearer.”
“My daughter tends towards academic type learning. So when at 3.5 years old she came to me and wanted to start reading, Miss Adrienne helped guide us through the process. Even going as far as to get new worksheets and information from her own children’s grade one teacher to make sure she was dealing with my child’s individual needs”